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Career Planning Evolved

Headed2 provides brilliant career planning software for individuals to turn interests into action, employment and evolving careers.

Make meaningful career connections that engage schools, communities and employers, so that individuals are career and college ready.

Tools For Enhanced Career Literacy

Exploring career options

User-centric investigation interface dynamically link the many-to-many career relationships such as career interests, job roles and occupations matching expressed interests, required academic credentials and industry certifications, current and projected job demand, average wages, and many more.

Developing career plans

All aspects of career exploration are brought together into an evolving individual career “roadmap” that guides course planning and post-secondary education and training options. Users can easily update their career plans along with associated course planners, college planners, and journals.

Implementing Career Pathways

The career pathways that users build in Headed2 link education, employment, career knowledge and advancement with direct access to CTE programs, colleges and universities, industry certifications, and employers. From assessment through exploration, students’ abilities to develop well-thought-out career pathways, set goals, and make decisions parallel to the skills employers value in the workplace.

Getting ready for college & careers

Embedded in the Headed2 experience is college and career readiness skill development in Active Listening and Speaking (Communication); Time Management; Social Perceptiveness and Coordination (Teamwork); Judgement and Decision Making; Complex Problem Solving and Critical Thinking; and Monitoring and Professionalism.

Applying sector strategies

Headed2 can be customized to position industry sectors as the starting point for the career development process. This unique approach promotes industry-specific career advancement and employment opportunities by marketing the Return on Value (ROV) for pursuing targeted occupations.

Creating student digital portfolios

Users’ career exploration activities, career plans, and journals are stored in their individual User Profiles. The system uses several items from the users’ career exploration to help build the individualized portfolio including assessment results, top career clusters, assessment occupation matches and occupations that have been viewed, rated and bookmarked.

Utilizing labor market information

Headed2 can provide user-friendly articulations of LMI that are easily accessible via the system including average wages, projected openings per skill level, industry and career cluster; industry employment and wage demand; projected skill and knowledge demand by career cluster and all occupations; and supply and demand per career pathway to help guide program offerings.

Coaching students to make career choices

Headed2 equips educators and case managers with interactive career coaching tools to create custom career planning templates on-the-fly. Headed2 allows administrators to customize system content regarding apprenticeships, internships, summer programs, and other experiential learning events.

Assessing career interests

Headed2 provides a wide range of online assessments and career resources that identify user interests best matching their personality. The result is a holistic process of career exploration that encompasses style, interest, skill levels, and importance of work values.

Success Stories

California CareerZone

The California Department of Education offers a version of the Headed2 platform that is customized to provide detailed regional content. Dating back to 2003 the California CareerZone site has helped millions to make smart, well informed career decisions and align their goals with high paying, high growth opportunities.

Dream it. Do it. Virginia

Pennsylvania CareerZone

Explore KC Careers

13 Years

Serving Students

52 million

Profiles Viewed

33 Million

Page Views / Year

1 Million

Assessments Taken

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